Town of Secaucus

WHEREAS, Fairway is a very talented therapy dog who volunteers his time and energy to help children, adults and senior citizens throughout the area; and
WHEREAS, Fairway has the natural temperament of a perfect therapy dog in that he is friendly, plays well with others, is non-aggressive, has a steady and consistent demeanor, is a good listener and is obedient to commands; and;
WHEREAS, when Fairway's docile behavior was put to the test at the offices of The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs in Morris Plains, he successfully passed every requirement and demonstrated all the qualities and traits needed to become licensed as a professional therapy dog; and,
WHEREAS, as a licensed therapy dog, Fairway is a member of the family of service dogs who provide loving and empathic support in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals; and
WHEREAS, while Fairway gets a warm and affectionate response from everyone he works with, the connection he forms with special needs  children is true testament to the innate abilities of the entire therapy dog community and is so reflected in their dedicated service; and
WHEREAS, in addition to being a local celebrity who can be found most mornings walking in and around Buchmueller Park with his owners Bob and Stephanie Finelli, Fairway also has appeared in numerous television segments, infomercials and store promotions; and
WHEREAS, Bob and Stephanie are to be commended for raising such an extraordinary Golden Retriever and providing a home environment full of love and positive energy wherein Fairway can thrive and share his gifts for the welfare of others;
THEREFORE, on this day February 22nd, 2011, I, Michael J. Gonnelli, Mayor of the Town of Secaucus, County of Hudson, State of New Jersey, do hereby ask the people of Secaucus to join me in this Proclamation honoring Fairway in appreciation and acknowledgement of his dedicated volunteer service and commitment to the Town of Secaucus and State of New Jersey.






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