The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.

   Frenchie Fund  

 Frenchie was one of our original therapy dogs. She was a beautiful rescued Greyhound, owned and handled by Betty Kish and Annie Watson, and one of our hardest working pet-therapists. She was a test dog, helping to evaluate and train prospective and new therapy dogs. She attended most of our events, loving and comforting patients through many traumas.

The Frenchie Fund, which was created in her name to reflect her beauty and spirit, was established to ease our members’ way through this painful decision.

Funding Guidelines:

The Frenchie Fund has been established to provide assistance for the cost of euthanasia for Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs when they have come to the ends of their lives. Because the resources of this fund are limited, and the availability of monies is dependent on the amount on hand, we cannot guarantee coverage of expenses for any specific therapy dog at a particular time.  

The Frenchie Fund is also able to offer a unique service: spiritual and emotional assistance during the veterinary procedure at this most difficult time. Our Interfaith Minister, Rev. George N. Gavin, has most generously offered to accompany Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs and their handlers to the veterinarian when their time has come. Rev. Gavin, an Interfaith Minister in New Jersey, would be pleased to offer comfort and support in person to local members of all faiths. If members are not close by, Rev. Gavin will offer his services on the telephone. He can be reached at 973.483.8460.

 The following guidelines will be used to determine eligibility for financial assistance from the Frenchie Fund:

¨        A veterinary hospital receipt must accompany each application.  

¨        The remuneration must be made directly to a recognized veterinarian or facility or a receipt should be submitted.

¨        Applicants must be working Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs in good standing:

A working therapy dog is one that has been working continuously (an average of twice a month) at a recognized facility for at least six months prior to its illness. These dogs must be current on their registration and guidelines requirements. Test dogs or Group Captains’ dogs that work regularly at tests and other events are also considered in very good standing.  All dogs must be currently registered and up to date on all veterinary inoculations.

¨        No other insurance and funds are available to aid the handler/dog team.

¨        A licensed veterinarian has determined that euthanasia is necessary.