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Chelsea Robinson, 2018 Pet Hero

This article was written by the Humane Society of San Bernardino and published in the Chino Hills Champion Newspaper.     

The Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley's Pet Hero award is to honor animals that have helped members of the community through a difficult time, a life-threatening situation or any special way that made a difference.

Chelsea's Story

We are so proud to work with Barry Robinson and his Golden Retriever, Chelsea, regularly everyday in training and volunteer service; supporting and advocating our mission to reach out and help those who need it the most. And to top it all of we have so much fun and laugh so heartily all the time at all the places we go and in all the fantastic things we do together.  We make a difference and change lives with our doggone paws-itively rockin' dogs!  

This is a great partnership in healing with our wonderful dogs.  They teach us so much about life and about ourselves living in the mindful moments of great life.

-Linda Smith, Rim of the World Pets

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