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The Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization which evaluates, tests, trains and qualifies owners and their well behaved dogs as therapy dog teams. These teams give unconditional love, boost self-esteem, and relieve loneliness and boredom. Did you know petting a dog will lower your blood pressure? The benefits are endless.  They work in nursing homes, hospitals, psychiatric wards, shelters, schools and many other facilities.

Pet therapists are in great demand, and there is a serious shortage of therapy dogs.

Our dogs visit children in pediatrics. Most of the children have never been away from home before. They are frightened, fearful at the prospect of having to spend the night in a big scary hospital. Sometimes the children are severely handicapped. When they visit, the dogs seem to spark a reaction no one has ever seen before. Children in hospitals hold therapy dogs while being infused with chemotherapy. Libraries and schools are discovering how reading out loud to a dog can relieve shyness and reduce inhibitions,

We visit lonely seniors in nursing and assisted living homes. The dogs and handlers provide a welcome change in their routine and often form lasting friendships with the patients. They bring back pleasant memories of family pets in days gone by.

When we visit rehabilitation facilities and hospitals, the patients are able to ease the boredom of institutional life or the pain of recent surgery by visits from a friendly face with a wagging tail. Sometimes a depressed patient who hasn’t spoken in months will have a conversation with a dog. Difficult patients can become more compliant with a furry face to convince them to take that pill.

We never charge for visitation.
We pride ourselves upon being an all volunteer organization, so contributions and donations are important to us.
Of course, all are tax deductible. 

Our handlers and dogs come in all ages, shapes and sizes — they are truly bright and beautiful.

June Golden,
Executive Director, founder
The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Get that dog off the couch!

The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.
The 2019 Board of Directors.

June Golden, Chairman of the Board
Executive Director, Founder
The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.
80 Powder Mill Road
Morris Plains, NJ  07950

Hazel Wichman, Board of Directors
Charter Member
Morris Plains, NJ  07950

Peter Ceru, Board of Directors
Charter Member
Dover, NJ 07047

Debbie Perrotta, Board of Directors
Member since 1999
The Woodlands, TX 77302

Joanne Silver, Board of Directors
Member since 2000
Smyrna, DE 19977 

Kira Wright
Member since 2001
Director of Evaluators, Board of Directors

Cathy Lucianin
Member since 1999
Manalapan, NJ 07726

Patty Vandenbos
Board Secretary, Board of Directors
Member since 1999
Morris Plains, NJ  07950

Advisory Council

June Golden…Executive Director: info@golden-dogs.org
Peter Ceru...Editor, “Off The Couch” Newsletter: peteybear@optonline.net
Karen Dashfield, DVM...Veterinarian: kdashfield@yahoo.com                     
Barbara Edwards, Esq...Legal Counsel: baewcb@aol.com                
Dr. Rev. Beatrice Feravolo...General Advisor: feravolo@earthlink.net         
Reverend George N. Gavin...Interfaith Minister: ggavin706@aol.com                                       
Bette Weinstein Kaplan...Public Relations: Betkap@mac.com                                                                  
Joe Matheson, J. Matheson Assoc...Accounting: Joseph@MathesonCPA.com       
Peter Campione...Training Advisor: Dobeguy@aol.com
Chip Griggs... Webmaster: Chip@bp06.com

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The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc. is a non-profit all volunteer organization.
We do not accept monetary compensation for our visitation.
Testing Fees, Membership Fees, are Donations and are Tax Deductible

The Bright & Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.
80 Powder Mill Road, Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Phone: (973)292-3316  Fax: (973)292-9559
Toll-Free (888)PET-5770

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